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Kohl's is an American department store retail chain, operated by Kohl's Corporation. As of February 2013, it is the largest department store chain in the United States with 1,158 locations, operating stores in every U.S. state except Hawaii. The company was founded by Polish immigrant Maxwell Kohl, who opened a corner grocery store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1927.

Laura shared her discontent, "I went to the Kohl's in Indy and purchased $280 worth of merchandise. I handed to clerk $200 cash and told her to apply rest to credit card. Next day I returned items to get coupon rate. They said I never gave them $200, I used my credit card. They said it never showed me doing that on video. I asked to see the video and they refused. I told them it was a lie. 20 minutes later I get a call from same guy saying I had a little receipt showing I paid $200 cash and it showed on the rest of the video they had seen. I was told they would give me 35% off for my troubles. I had already canceled my card. I told they security guy this was so wrong on so many levels and I want my money back. He said he can't do that and to talk to the manager the next day. In the meantime, they had credited my canceled card $280 and the manager the next day said, You will have to ask for a refund from the credit card company. To this date no money."


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Technical Support Representative (Current Employee) says

"One of the worst call centers in MB. No good coaches, most everyone left because they are terrible. Benefits are not great. Job is stressful with very little pay."

Engagement Specialist (Current Employee) says

"I’ve been with Startek for 2 years. Started working from home May this year. Since then, the support, or lack there of, has been atrocious. Tasks that take 5 minutes for a lead to do take 30-45 minutes. The systems are trash and when changes are made to the system, we’re the last to know. I’m trying my hardest to look for excellence elsewhere cause this here ain’t it. Hours, lots of overtimeNo communication"

Engagement Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Don’t work here , filled w favoritism , hr is no better , the managers don’t care about anybody . The pay is very much horrible and yeah they always changing things but won’t increase the pay . The only way you will get a pay raise if you been there for a whole year and it’s a lil 20 cents different smh.NoneEverything"

Executive (Former Employee) says

"Please do not join startrek or aegis they change their names so that they do not get blamed .... people work here for almost one and half year to two years but they do not let the people leave even if they are getting a good offer ... the managers manipulate and play politics of synapse process ...they lie to you on the face and all your work will be lost .. do not join even if you get good salary because all your work will go in vain ... join only if you want to earn one two months and leaveNothingEverything"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"By far one of the worst companies that I have ever worked for. Unprofessional, drama filled, loaded with favoritism, lack of advancement though they try to say otherwise. Incorrect pay, management discussing other employees with non management employees, the good employees are worked harder to compensate for the slack employees. Make no mistake, you are nothing but a butt in a chair.NoneEverything"

CSR/TSR (Former Employee) says

"No employee appreciation. Working hard but underpaid. Not seeing your worth. No passion for their people. And the management dont care about their employees."

Patient Care Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"When I first started working there it was fun and the management did care about the employees but at the end it was how much money we could make the executives and they did not care.Fellow coworkersEverything else"

Senior Operations Executive (Former Employee) says

"So, a review about Startek the worst company in India. The company is basically not for it's employees or even management. Here the Hr managers are unorganized and clumsy. The company will take all the benefits from you and after sometime you are an useless person for them. So, my earnest request for everyone is please don't work for this company."

Engagement Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Startek is far and beyond the worst company I have ever worked for. Management is clueless as to what goes on on the floor and only cares about numbers. I was actually terminated for reporting harassment of females, including myself from a male team lead. Yeah, you read that right. He was also terminated, but I was as well for reporting it. I was consistently a top performer in my department. The only perk was if you were a top performer you got first pick of your schedule. Those who struggled were then given whatever remaining schedule. So obviously there was a lot of turnover. I head fired one other time and brought back then next day due to my team leader lying about something I did wrong. If you’re good at your job watch out: because you will be gunned for by the team leads."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"They fired me during the pandemic for nothing, and lied to unemployment saying I quit. Well I be darn. To try to keep me from taking care of my family"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Do not work for this company. Horrible management, no support. The company only cares about making money. No room for advancement. Be prepared to get verbally abused."

Social Media Intern (Former Employee) says

"Management is a complete joke. They will not communicate any important information in a timely manner and will doctor production numbers. They also do not care about employee health or safety and the pay does not equal the work."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Huge diversity and nice employees. Feels like high school, loaded with drama, show no true values to employees as an example there has been multiple employees that worked there for 5+ years and instead of finding them a new job position they were part of budget cuts. Starting pay rate has been the same sense the company has opened and you Only get a raise once a year and the max you can gain is 35cents"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"When you are interviewed they describe this amazing place by saying they have multiple raffles to show appreciation to their employees, however once you are there you'll see that is not true. You get told that if you have good attendance and participate during training you will get your first schedule choice, which again it is a lie. I never missed and was alway answering questions and participating. My first choice was 7-4 as i was doing online classes and wanted to have the night off to submit my school work. When the shift bid results came I got my last choice which was 2-11 and the people that left early and missed got the 7-4 schedule because they went to talk to the manager, at the moment, and told her that if they didn't get the schedule they would quit. While I was there we went through about 3 different managers so of course there were no clear rules on anything. By the way all those raffles and appreciation for employees never happened. The most we got was burnt popcorn, they would announce there would be a certain even and it would get cancelled without notification. Management is horrible! Coaches are hired from within, sometimes right out of training so they have no idea how to handle a call or how to help agents. Some coaches don't even know how to talk to their agents. They are rude and sometimes it seems they are holding onto anger and take it out on an agent who is only asking a simple question. QA consist of people who don't know English. However they are in charged of listening and reading English material, which then ends in misinterpretation of context"

Engagement Specialist (Former Employee) says

"They could make things better by having better structure with communication from with in the company and their partners they are working for. They could pay the employees what they are worth not the peanuts they just throw at them. I get it that alot of people are working there because there is not much else of a choice but moral and employee happiness has gone completely out the window. The only time it changes for a little bit is if the big wigs show up to show their faces once they receive enough complaints from employees. It shouldn't come to that ever."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"This compliant is trash all of three managers are related or romantically involved. They play favorites and leadership is allowed to sleep with and sexually harass subordinates. HR does not care even if you report things. The company doesnt care about people at all"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Startek is one of the worst employers in the Mansfield area and likely in the entire world. You are brought in and given minimal training by people who are there just to punch the clock. Thrown on to a phone where you are expected to be treated abhorrently and to take it all with a grin."

Customer Service Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Discrimination and favoritisms. An outsourcing company in my country with really good ideas but management was really corrupt. Did not respect the law"

Customer Service/Engagement Specialist (Current Employee) says

"call center environment, phone calls are monitored, attendance and punctuality are required to 93%. if you do not like a controlled and closely monitored environment it is not for you."

AT&T Technical Service Agent (Former Employee) says

"Don’t wear any holes in pants or skirts shorter than finger tip length. Bring a notebook and pencils to training class . There is always drama that goes on in class so try to avoid class dramaMoneyFloor support"

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